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More Success for Former Student

More Success for Former Student

Former student Nathan Kimsey has had more successes in the Qatar Masters and also the Hong Kong Open this year. Read more HERE

Welcome to the Links Golf School

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced golf player, our golf school tutorial breaks at the Links Golf School will offer you the most complete opportunity to relax, unwind and more importantly learn a little more about this humbling game!

Our aim is to help each pupil learn about their own individual technique, highlighting their qualities and extracting areas where their swing may break down.

Encouraging individuals of different levels of ability to progress at their own pace in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Having worked closely with golfers of all standards we can confidently say that our venue and tuition programme will ensure you experience both an enjoyable and beneficial break.

The Links Golf School - Head Coach

John Cornelius

The Links Golf School - Head Coach

John Cornelius, is a highly successful and popular golf coach who tutored a young Helen Dobson from the tender age of 9 years to a 15 year old scratch golfer.

The 1989 English Ladies Amateur Champion established herself as one of the leading players on the United States LPGA Tour. John's influence and 'easy to follow' technique will guarantee results.

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Hi John,

Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how things are going after the 3 day clinic. I have been working on the turning away drill that you got me started on during the coaching and it's been working fantastically.

I am enjoying my golf now like never before. Never mind the distance I have gained (I still get surprised by the distance I get with my irons) but my consistency has changed dramatically. Whereas before I could count the good shots on one hand, I hardly ever hit a 'diabolical' shot anymore.

Thank you once again, my confidence has grown and I now feel like a real golfer!



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Weekend Courses

Weekend courses can now be pre-booked. Please contact with regard to availability (minimum x 4)

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Your Handicap?

Want to improve?
Your Handicap?

Our residential courses could help you improve your handicap.

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Team Challenge 2017

Team Challenge 2017

More details to follow on this fantastic trip for 2017

Golf Tips

9 The Drive
Golf Tips

"Tee it high and let it fly" Ball placement opposite the left heel. Try and load the backswing with a full coil then release the clubhead towards the target for those long, straight drives.

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