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Golf Tips

Here’s a few tips that could help you improve your game, also take a look at our residential courses which could help you improve your handicap.

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1 Taking Aim

Stand behind the ball and visualise a spot between you and the target. Place your clubface square to the target and build your stance around it. Think of a railway line - clubface points to target while the body remains parallel

2 Chip Shots

Unless you are attempting to play a very high or low shot, the ball should be positioned in the centre of the stance. Allow the loft of the club to dictate the trajectory of the shot and try to develop a simple action which you can repeat regardless of the club used.

3 Fairway Bunkers

A sound footing promotes a solid base. Keep a square stance and grip down the shaft for better control and a cleaner strike. Concentrate on ball before sand.

4 Greenside Bunkers

Firstly, check your set-up to ensure your shoulders, hips and feet are all aligned left of target and the clubface is square to the hole. Work your feet into the sand to test the consistency and be aware of the weight of the clubhead as you swing the club along the line of your body.

5 High Lob

Faced with a difficult shot over a hazard? Visualise exactly where you need to land the ball then use a 58 or 60 degree wedge to maximise loft and stop. Complete the length of backswing and feel the weight of the clubhead.

6 Pitching

The stance is a little narrower than normal. Try and emphasize the connection between the arms and body. Retaining the triangle formed by the arms and club at address turn away and release through impact while making a crisp contact on the ball.


Hi John,

Prize giving tonight at Crieff G.C. and I won the Order of Merit. I won it with 3.2 games in hand, playing off 13 most of the Summer.… John Randalls

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