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Dont just take our word for it, our residential golf tuition courses will make a difference to your game, below you can see a selection of letters we have recieved from people who have attended our golf school.

Look at the difference since attending your golf school John. Hitting 125yds with a 9 iron! Thanks

Andy Birks

Hi John,

Prize giving tonight at Crieff G.C. and I won the Order of Merit. I won it with 3.2 games in hand, playing off 13 most of the Summer.  My game just kept improving after the golf school.  Hope to see you next year!

John Randalls

Many thanks and a massive thank you for three great days tuition.... I am sure it wasn’t easy for you with all the mixed abilities and a lot of patience was required on your part!

I hope the next time we meet we will have embraced all of your wonderful tips and will be better players...

Nikki Bishop
Thanks very much for the tuition this week.
Today amongst my other duties I got chance to play 7 holes and I played great.
I tried to concentrate on watching the ball location until after it had gone and it seemed to keep my upper body from moving
too early.
Sometimes I had no idea where the ball had gone but just kept walking towards my target and the ball usually appeared
on the fairway there.
Thanks for all you did
Doug Hill

Hi John,

Definitely played better today especially back nine, think the new swing of turning and kicking it up the bum is paying off hopefully getting it grooved now. Definitely much straighter and tee shots well amazing hope to keep it up. Thanks to a great teacher, may well come back again in a couple of months to make sure not falling back in to bad habits. David also impressed with his swing, take care be in touch soon, enjoy Robbie with family . Came home to find our daughter in law had broken a metatarsal  in her foot and in Plaster to knee, son has done crucial ligament in shoulder, so guess who will be baby sitting for a few weeks bless them.

Thanks again will be back soon.

David and Christina B

Thanks for amazing golf lessons, all the ladies have said how good you are and great company too. Angela and I went into the bar for a while after to catch John and say bye but some how we missed him.

Think he will tell you my chipping was back to normal and I even managed to hit my 5 wood a few times. Thanks again for all you help and support.  See you soon and don't retire too soon.


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